Lee Lira

6 x 14 cameras



Lee Lira writes in an email:

In the last couple of years my photographic hobby has really picked up, to the point where I’ve ended up building a couple of 6 x 14 cameras, called F.A.C. MKI & MKII. All can be viewed on my facebook page,www.facebook.com/foundmelbourne

Three pictures taken with the cameras:


© Lee Lira


© Lee Lira


© Lee Lira

Lee writes:

My first camera was made from European oak with a Schneider 135mm f/5.6 Compur P shutter and a Graflex viewfinder, fixed focus. The film transport parts were from a Horseman 6×9 express back. It took just over 3 weeks to build and I enjoyed every minute!

After much enjoyment with my first camera I felt that I could improve on the design: focus, a wider, more modern lens, and ergonomics. My second camera is built out of Australian Red Gum timber. It has a Schneider Super Angulon 90mm f/8 lens. Focus helicoid is the same as used on the Fotoman 6×17. Viewfinder is Gaoersi 6×17 with homemade mask to suit 6×14. Film transport parts came from a Horseman 6×9 express back. This camera took slightly longer to build, 4 weeks.

6 January 2014