Roma Stenopeica

Pinhole Wanderings in Rome

Rome in sunshine. Rome in rain. Rome even in snow.
The Tiber flooding.

Since 2005, I have been walking along the streets of Rome with a lensless camera and a tripod.

On cobblestones and age-old basalt slabs. Among ruins, monuments,
churches, bridges. Hills, pine trees, cemeteries. Cars and scooters.

I have recorded my impressions on film through a pinhole,
a tiny hole with a diameter of 0.18 mm, in a thin sheet of metal.

My limited edition book Roma Stenopeica – Pinhole Wanderings in Rome, published in 2017 after twelve years of work, contains 90 pinhole photographs selected from some 2700 negatives.

Pantheon, pinhole photographPantheon © Jon Grepstad

San Pietro, pinhole photograph“Les chaises”, Piazza San Pietro © Jon Grepstad

San Carlo al Corso, pinhole photographSan Carlo al Corso © Jon Grepstad

San Francesco, pinhole photographSan Francesco, Piazza San Giovanni © Jon Grepstad

Terme di Diocleziano, pinhole photographLe Terme di Diocleziano © Jon Grepstad

Cimitero Verano, pinhole photographCimitero Verano © Jon Grepstad

Faust, pinhole photographFaust e Mefistofele © Jon Grepstad

Santa Sabina, pinhole photographSanta Sabina © Jon Grepstad

Termini, pinhole photographTermini © Jon Grepstad

Ara Pacis, pinhole photographAra Pacis © Jon Grepstad

Senza titolo © Jon Grepstad