Nana Sousa Dias

Nana Sousa Dias from Portugal writes:

“I made this camera from parts of a Cambo portrait old model camera. The lens is a Schneider Super Angulon 47mm XL. I used drawer handles for lens protection. For the viewfinder I used a doorviewer lens (lens used on apartment doors), attached to a piece of PVC used to join PVC pipes. The GG cover is made from black K-line. I changed the position of the handle to horizontal, originally it was vertical. The three pieces of plywood will be substituted with a piece of exotic wood. I used plywood just to test the hiperfocal distance, wich is about 3 meters (9 feet).”

If you want to contact Nana Sousa Dias, his email address is:




Two pictures taken with the camera:



25 October 2009. Updated 5 March 2012