David Benson

David Benson in the UK is one of the people who have built a monorail camera based on my design. Here is a picture of his camera:


David writes: “I constructed it with a combination of black American walnut and American cherry wood with brass for the metal parts. Although I want to improve parts it looks good. My initial problem was to find locally a source of interesting woods. However, the nearest small town to me is a centre for the antique trade in this area of the country and I discovered a small specialist supplier to the antique restorers in the town. My only innovation on your design was in the area of bellows retainers I was looking for a system so that I could change bellows easily the solution was black VELCRO. This you purchase in strips and easily sticks very firmly to the standards and bellows plates and the bellows can be removed in a matter of seconds, it appears to be light tight and solid. I built the sliders to take a 30mm square section aluminium rail only to find that in the U.K. I can only get 1.25” so for the moment I have made one from a piece of ash wood.

If you want to contact David, his email address is admin@david-benson.co.uk.

Last updated 13 January 2001.