Robert Fallis

In 2007 Robert Fallis built a monorail camera based on my design. The camera is made mainly of beech and maple. Bob’s next project is to make a springback for the camera, he writes in an email. Here are two pictures of Bob’s camera.

If you want to contact Bob, his email address is:



Portrait camera

In another email in March 2008, Bob writes:

“Here’s my latest camera based on your excellent design. It’s a portrait camera in half plate. I had the holders; the lens is a russian Industar 300mm, which stops down to f64 and is very good. I’m working with paper negatives at an asa of 4, so the camera has no shutter, just a lens cap. There are no movements on the camera so it is quite compact, but has 24″ bellows extention for close up work.”



4 April 2007. Updated 20 April 2008